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The aim of Bender is to respond to human voice commands and then retrieve beer or spirits from the bar fridge.

Bender also has secondary roles of security, which is achieved by means of a front mounted video camera, and motion detection software. The concept being that as motion is detected, the captured video is streamed to an offsite server (so that it can't be tampered with), and an alert SMS is sent to my phone. The whole idea being that if some scumbag decides to break into the house, I have footage of them ,and can either give this to the police, or probably just pay them a visit instead.


Whilst I have had Bender in development for some time now, business and family commitments have caused a "temporary delay" to finishing him off.
However, I now have a metal foundry and metal lathe at my disposal.
The original plan was to build my own metal lathe, and work had commenced, producing a lathe bed and base blocks. Unfortunately, business requirements got in the way, so we decided to simply purchase a metal lathe from ebay.
It is a small "mico lathe", which cost just under $600. For more details on the lathe, click here.


At this stage, I have done some drawings and aquired bearings and motors for Bender's arm. He will have the one arm. I am going away for a while, so DON'T EXPECT ANY UPDATES FOR 6 MONTHS.
Lathe Photos

Current version. Now mobile!


CPU Celeron 366. 256 Mb RAM
POWER 2 x 7.5 Ah 12 Volt SLA Batteries
300W inverter
350W conventional PC PSU
DRIVE SYSTEM Infinatley varable from 0 - 2000 rpm
NAVIGATION Sonar object detection
IR near object detection
Powered Speakers

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